24h Top Gainers And Losers

    Today's top gainers

  1. EvaCash (#EVC) with 602.16%
  2. SkyHubCoin (#SHB) with 181.29%
  3. RedPulsePhoenix (#PHX) with 79.14%
  4. HerbalistToken (#HERB) with 65.04%

    Today's top losers

  1. ShareX (#SEXC) with -87.42%
  2. HempCoin (#THC) with -72.86%
  3. HBZcoin (#HBZ) with -61.20%
  4. HashBX (#HBX) with -52.25%

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More About Alt Coin News

  • Monaco rebranding
    From a recent tweet from Monaco, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform announced a rebrand to CRYPTO.com in order to “accelerate the worlds transition to cryptocurrency.”  Previously Read more
  • Crypto markets today. The anticipation of a bull-market.
    The situation today, in the crypto markets, is showing quite bloody. While Bitcoin, Dogecoin and a few others seem to be the only gainers in the Top100, all the other coins and tokens are facing a Read more

More About Bitcoin News

  • Tunisia and Afghanistan look into issuing crypto bonds
    Tunisia and Afghanistan are willing to become the first countries in the world to issue a sovereign Bitcoin bond. These two country’s governors were speaking at the annual Spring Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and Read more
  • Cryptopia Hacked! Significant Losses!
    Today, January 15th, Cryptopia, a New Zealand altcoin exchange, came out with an announcement that yesterday January 14th, they experienced a security breach. This breach resulted in significant losses they claim. They haven’t yet specified Read more
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