Bitfinex lists its LEO utility token!

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According to a recent blog post by Bitfinex, yesterday Bitfinex listed its own utility token LEO (full name – UNUS SED LEO). Its main mission is to empower the Bitfinex community. The company previously closed a $1 billion initial offering sale. Currently on is no information about the new utility token. It will be trading against BTC, USD, USDT, EOS, and ETH. 

UNUS SED LEO raises $1 billion

The original name of the token is rather long, but it is the name of its initial issuer. Judging by recent news, Bitfinex closed its token sale in just 10 days. The company had a private sale in which unknown investors invested sums ranging from $1 million to more than $100 million. However, the raised sum wasn’t just in the form of USD. It was a combination of USD, BTC, and USDT.

“In addition to our excitement around bringing such an unprecedented and powerful token to the heart of our community, the Bitfinex team remains dedicated to continuing to grow and develop core infrastructure for our industry as a whole. We remain invigorated and humbled by the support of our users, personnel, and beneficiaries, and welcome everyone to the era of UNUS SED LEO,” reads their blog post. 


Photo by Bitfinex