DASH now accepted for buying cars in New Hampshire car dealership.

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Recently a new car has been bought using only DASH cryptocurrency in a dealership called AutoFair in New Hampshire, New England. 

The implemented service to provide the cryptocurrency transaction was Anypay, which is one of the fastest growing digital payments platform, supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and is coming from New Hampshire.

The transaction was done through iPad with the use of the AnyPay app, and it happened instantaneously. Here is a video on how the purchase was done:

Doug Weisberg, AutoFair’s expert in crypto, who also made sale commented: “What we did was demonstrate how easy and good using crypto is. It is no longer strange. Now it is: ‘Yeah, we can do that!”

And in fact, it’s true! Now more and more companies are coming out, saying that they are accepting cryptocurrencies for their products. There has previously been news about a U.S. Car dealership called Post Oak Motor Cars, which accepts Bitcoin for the purchase of luxury cars like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Bugatti. Which makes it clear – you can no longer use your BTC only for coffee and small item purchases, but now you have the chance to buy cars! 
But let’s all remember the stunning events of 2010 when Lazlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10k BTC. Now everyone remembers it and takes it as a lesson on not to spend your Bitcoin. Now when bitcoin is sitting at around $6,600 some people might be regretting buying such valuable merchandise. The CEO of AnyPay also refers to this 10k BTC payment for pizza saying: “Buying a vehicle with Dash signifies the next phase of digital currency adoption as we transition to a world where permanent, durable, expensive capital goods can be purchased with private digital cash. Contrast that with the bitcoin pizza of infamy or restaurants, theater tickets — ephemeral, low-priced goods. The next phase is access to financing with cryptocurrency. Financing homes, apartment buildings, cars, and other capital equipment.”

One thing is for sure – cryptocurrencies are being used more widely by every day, and we suggest not to stay aside and get involved with this movement!
Would you buy a car for 40 DASH?



Photo by Canva.com