EOS executives have left the company for another project.

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Four former employees of EOS – David Moss, Thomas Cox, Brian Abramson, and Corey J. Lederer, have left the company Block.One for another project called StrongBlock. Along with them went two contractors/developers Jon Eric-Cook and Michael S. Mason.

When working on Block.one all four of the employees worked on surprisingly technical roles.

David Moss being the Senior Vice President of Technology Operations

Thomas Cox being the Vice President of Product

Brian Abramson being the Vice President of Infrastructure

and Corey J. Lederer being the Senior Director of Technology products.

It is only now that the media has this increased attention to this occurrence, but the fact is that these employees left already months ago. Especially David Moss. He already left at the end of May, one month after the official launch of mainnet.

“We left because we saw a need in the blockchain marketplace that Block.one was not going to address,” explained one of the employees.

David Moss had criticized the EOS network previously by saying that EOS’ claims about being able to process millions of transactions per second is a lot of hyperbole, justifying that there are physical limitations like the speed of light.

While one side of the story looks scammy, greedy and very unclear, but the other side, which no-one mentions, is that, maybe these former employees were just not challenged anymore in the position they were in. Being on the top of a blockchain company surely gives you a better understanding/advantage of what the problems in the field are and what needs to be done. I’m sure they had raised their private capital, since technically managing a billion dollar start-up, I believe, was not voluntary, and moved on with their new ideas. That it is a self-evident agenda to advance with the time if you have the ability. I believe they just left the work they had started to other employees, because they didn’t have time for development of their own new project. Now they can achieve their ideas full time, but unfortunately the FUD the Media generates comes along.

Nevertheless, here is an interesting twitter thread on EOS blockchain and “no transaction fees”




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