EosGAS Airdrop scam – Beware!

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These last days a new airdrop scam has appeared. You receive an e-mail from eosGAS team asking you to participate and to fill out a KYC form. Do not complete the KYC form or respond to anything coming from eosGAS_io. A lot of people have been scammed.

This is the address that is stealing the tokens of other people:

As you can see, the scammers already have made more than $112k worth of crypto. All this capital has been made during these holidays and the last week. Etherscan has already put a warning disclaimer saying that this address was used in a Phishing scam and the twitter page (@eosGAS_io) which was originally the source of this Scam, also has been removed, as well as the homepage https://www.eosgas.io.

Judging by the information from the comment section under the provided Etherscan address, a lot of people have fallen in the claws of this phishing scam.

“This is the WALLET who stole all those who entered their PRIVATE KEY TO SIGN A MESSAGE to for the easGAS AIRDROP which is SCAM! BEWARE! The person behind still keeps on sending EMAILS and has a new method, he/she is offering an ALPHA WALLET FOR eosGAS which is highly possible of containing a MALWARE to steal your DATA like private keys and passwords! Do not interact with the EMAIL!” says Chief Dragon.

When it comes to airdrops, it is crucial to understand where are they coming from. The main mistake that these people made, was that they didn’t stop to think for a while. They jumped blindly in a new airdrop backed by their greed for tokens, not even realizing that this is a EOS GAS airdrop which would never happen, since EOS just launched their mainnet. It would be just like falling for an Ethereum giveaway. Everybody knows that companies of that scale don’t do giveaways. So always DYOR (do your own research) when it comes to free money, when it comes to unbelievable opportunities, because nobody and no one is giving anything away for free in this world.