In UK, a BMW Car dealership is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option

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In a recent tweet from @SJBMWGroup, which is the official twitter account of an authorized Stephen James BMW car dealership in London and Kent, UK, they are announcing that they are now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option. The tweet reads:

“Stephen James is now accepting Bitcoin for the purchase of your new BMW! Contact us today to find out more about how you can use Bitcoin to walk away with a brand new vehicle #bitcoin #bitpay.”

Judging by the BitPay hashtag, a few tweeters are speculating that Stephen James BMW could be using BitPay as their payment processor. If so, some have pointed out that they could be accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well.

A new day, a new real world application for BTC. In case you have a ton of Bitcoin from 2013, or even 2011, here is a website ( which has summarized, in a very interactive map style, all the places in the world where you can use your bitcoin. As you can see, in the pictures below, Europe has the highest concentration of places where Bitcoin is accepted.

Whereas South Korea and Japan, where BTC is approved almost as an official payment option and in Japan the government has approved it, the magnitude isn’t that high.

Overall at the moment there are 12 938 venues accepting BTC.

But how can we speak about spending BTC, when all what we do is HODL?