Satoshi’s Place – Experience Lightning Network

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A new, interesting internet site has attracted the crypto community attention called Satoshi’s Place. It is a drawing board/online collaborative art-board game, powered by Lightning Network. A canvas with 1 million pixels, where 1 pixel represents 1 satoshi

Crypto Graffiti Wall

Judging by the tools given, it works almost like if Microsoft had an online paint software, where everybody can paint their message. It is like a digital graffiti wall, where pixels can be painted over indefinitely and people are not holding themselves back. The canvas is full of classic wall phrases like “Jonathan is a *****” and “Trump is ***” or “Jacob loves Rose” plus a few meme pictures, paintings and a whole lot of rudeness and nicknames.

Powered by Lightning Network

The purpose of this project is to let users experience the power of micro-payments, says Lightning K0ala, which is the developer of this website. Lightning K0ala is a twitter account with very little info about him, expected to be one of the Bitcoin Core developers. 

Under his thread on twitter a few people compare this site to the already known “The Million Dollar Homepage”, which was made by an English student Alex Taw on August 26th 2005. Alex just wanted to raise money for his university education. The homepage consisted of 1000×1000 pixel grid, where image-based links were sold for $1 per pixel, and the aim for this website was to raise 1 million dollars. Later on this idea inspired other websites that sell pixels. 

Similar Projects in the Past

Lightning K0ala doesn’t hide the fact that he got his inspiration from the Million Dollar Homepage and Reddit place. 

Reddit place was an April fool’s day experiment, which allowed users to create a massive art project overt the time frame of 72 hours. Each user could change the color of one pixel every five minutes, anywhere they wanted and as many times they wanted. All this has been summarized into a single 4 minute video ( 

Overall this interactive Lightning Network interpretation has gained a lot of support in the community and people are excited to try out the Lightning Network platform to perform micro-payments. A great way how to introduce the possibilities of Lightning Network. 


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