Bitcoin Cash network sees an increasing amount of Unknown mining pools.

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Over the last couple of weeks, the Bitcoin Cash network has recorded an increasing number of unknown mining pools who sign their coinbase transactions with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.


Two possible scenarios

Experts believe that behind these miners may be supporters of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin SV. They might be trying to profit from BSV price increase. Experts point out that the main advantage for them is to withdraw funds from BCH to BSV. This will lower the Bitcoin Cash price and increase Bitcoin SV’s price.

According to another version, the miner’s activity may be due to an attempt to discredit blockchain Bitcoin Cash through reorganization attacks. Not so long ago the Bitcoin SV blockchain experienced a reorganization. Back then, disproportionately large block sizes caused the problem.

Hashrate wars

However, experts do not rule out the fact that the new computing power belongs to the Bitcoin Cash camp itself. They claim that it might be a security measure to protect the network from the so-called hashrate wars.

Currently, “Other mining pools” control 37% of the Bitcoin Cash network which is the largest share of the whole network. comes second with 21,2%


Additionally, in March, ChainDD announced that 74.48% of the bitcoin network hashrate is controlled by six alternating pools, half of which are directly or indirectly controlled by the Chinese company Bitmain. 


Bitcoin SV gets delisted from Binance and Shapeshift! Kraken might follow.

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Recently we reported about the #WeAreAllHodlonaut movement in crypto Twitter. It was caused by Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre (the BSV camp) and a Twitter figure with a nickname @hodlonaut. The BSV camp was threatening hodlonaut of suing him but failed to reach out to him due to his anonymous internet personality. The whole crypto Twitter got up to their feet and showed support for Hodlonaut by changing their profile pictures and nicknames to his. But it all went down when Craig Wright’s lawyers sent legal documents to Peter McCormack, who stepped in the battle and claimed that he is the person behind @Hodlonaut’s Twitter profile. Later, CZ from Binance threatened the BCV camp of delisting their coin, if they will continue this “nonsense”. Now it has played out to reality and Binance among with other high profile exchanges are delisting Bitcoin SV.

Craig Wright’s lawyers send a legal letter to Peter McCormack

Since this is crypto Twitter, everything is being put out in the open. This wasn’t an exception and once Peter received the letter, he immediately posted it on his profile:

The letter comes from a legal firm “SCA ONTIER” which is based in London, UK. As they state in the first sentence, they act for Craig Wright. Basically, they cite all the tweets in which Peter McCormack mentions that BSV along with Craig Wright is a fraud. They call it defamation and states that these actions by Peter are causing serious harm to Craig Wright. At the end of the letter, they have put the requirements that the “client” wants:

“(1)Your assurance that you will preserve all documents, including electronic messages, draft articles, notes, and any other electronic materials, that may be relevant to this matter;

(2)Your undertaking to delete all tweets and other online or other publications in which you alleged that our client had fraudulently claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto;

(3)Your undertaking not to repeat those allegations, whether on Twitter or in any other form;(4)Your agreement to tweet an apology to our client in the terms below;

(5)Your agreement to join in a statement in open court in which you apologize to our client and acknowledge the falsity of the allegations.”

Also, they included a pre-written text for Peter to tweet out to his followers:

Peter McCormack sends a response

Being a kind of eccentric person on Twitter, Peter of course published his response to Craig’s lawyers. In the letter, he basically copied the content of Wright’s, but changed it into his benefit. He states that he believes that Craig is not Satoshi and repeatedly calls him a fraud. Also, like Craig, he included his six requirements for Dr. Wright:

“(1)He provides evidence which he is Satoshi, not the same nonsense he has published time and time again, if not then see points 2 – 6;

(2)His undertaking to delete all online publications where he fraudulently claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto;

(3)His undertaking to not repeat these fraudulent claims;

(4)His agreement to write an apology to everyone in Bitcoin

(5)His agreement to join in a statement to an open court in which he apologizes for and acknowledges the falsity of his claims;

(6)His agreement to stop issuing bullying letters to people and to end this pursuit of Hodlonaut, who is a legend.”

Peter also included an apology letter for Craig to publish to everyone involved in Bitcoin:

Binance delists BSV

This tweet came as a cold shower to all the BSV supporters and quite possibly to Calvin and Craig as well. Now they go on and bash Binance of not being an honest broker. Calvin rhetorically asks, what could Craig Wright know that all the BSV bashers would be so afraid of? He calls this market manipulation and a media stunt against “the real Bitcoin”. Also, that the vast majority of crypto Twitter wants to censor Craig Wright.

These Twitter threads mostly consist of Hodlonaut supporters and a few BSV followers who doesn’t seem quite happy about how this situation has escalated. Many people are saying that if Craig is Satoshi, all he needs to do, is sign a message with the private key of the Genesis block, rather than going into court and proving his position.

But instead of stepping down, Calvin Ayre continues to fight even more. Now he is threatening Binance as a company and calls it “an unregulated criminal organization”.

It looks like this is might go on for a while. To be honest, this event could go down in history as the first legal action between individuals in the crypto community.

After Binance, comes Shapeshift and possibly Kraken

Not long after Binance posted their announcement for delisting BSV, Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees posted on his personal Twitter account that Shapeshift will follow, and delist BSV within the next 48 hours.

Shapeshift is a crypto-to-crypto exchange where you can exchange one cryptocurrency to another. However, it is not a traditional crypto brokerage.

In addition to Shapeshift’s claims, Kraken Exchange posted a poll on their Twitter account. The poll asks if Kraken should delist BSV as well. At the time of writing, there are 72% out of 64,442 votes, that say “Yes, it’s toxic”.

Bitcoin SV price

As expected, the price of Bitcoin SV (BSV) plummeted in a matter of days, going from $80 to $56, according to Coin Market Cap. This is the lowest price BSV has seen in this year. The only time BSV saw a similar price was when the coin launched at the beginning of November 2018, and at the end of November 2018, when it reached its all-time low – $37,47. Currently, judging by, Binance accounts as the second and fourth largest exchange for trading BSV with a combined daily volume of $39 million. Kraken on the other hand is in the 35th, 37th, and 39thposition and accounts for approximately $3,5 million.

Bitcoin SV is the top losing asset in the TOP 100 most popular coins.

One of the most popular crypto-personalities in the cryptocurrency community Anthony Pompliano has suggested all crypto exchanges to simultaneously delist Bitcoin SV on May 1stas a sign of solidarity behind the Bitcoin community. Also, he started a hashtag #DelistBSV.

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