Networking on a vessel: new A-list speakers announced for Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise 2019

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IBM Blockchain Director and Ajit Tirtha from ConsenSys join main conference lineup 

Despite the current situation in the market, many blockchain events are getting bigger. The main trend of the year is how blockchain technology comes to different fields of business. 2019 can already be called the “year of blockchain” – as opposed to 2018, which was the “year of the ICO”. Blockchain for enterprises and widely discussed STO will be covered on Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise 2019. IBM Blockchain Director Pietro Lanza and Ajit Tirtha from ConsenSys will have to take part in panel discussions dedicated to blockchain for enterprises topic on the vessel.

Another example of positive dynamic is the successful implementation of blockchain technologies in Grand Bahamas. Together with co-founder of PO8 technology Matthew Arnett, Grand Bahamas administrator Don G. Cornish will tell about their experience in regulations.  

During Coinsbank Blockchain cruise Ajit Tirtha, Fintech at ConsenSys will share some of his notable projects, among them, are We.Trade blockchain platform for trade finance at Deutsche Bank and  Tokenization and Blockchain Applications.

Meanwhile, IBM Blockchain Director Pietro Lanza has something to tell about his Blockchain, AI and IoT projects and he’s going to talk about supporting banks developing their digital strategies. There will be one more expert on the vessel, the co-founder of Wikipedia Dr.Larry SangerI who showed the world how to use wikis to build encyclopedias.

Earlier mentioned A-list speakers include computer scientist John McAfee, ex Wall Street trader Tone Vays and Gordon Einstein, CryptoLaw Partners. 

The Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise 2019 speakers who have been announced are CEO of Smart Valor Olga Feldmeier, Contributor at Forbes Naeem Aslam. There will be announced the complete list of panels and speeches and also will be given an introduction to the new speakers at an early date. The tickets are available via Coinsbank website.


Blockchain Cruise 2019 will be held for the fourth time departing from Barcelona between June 9th-13th, docking in Rome. The global conference will take place on the majestic Oasis of the Seas by Royal Caribbean making stops in Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, and La Spezia. The event brings together decision-makers for 4 days of panel discussions, networking events and thought-provoking business talks. 

Note: This is a press-release by CoinsBank.

CoinsBank will host a crypto celebrity Blockchain Cruise

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During September 7 – 11, the ship will leave from Barcelona and travel across the mediterranean, visiting Monte Carlo and Italy, and later returning back to Barcelona.

This event has gained a huge recognition because of the speakers which are attending the event. They are: John McAfee, Bobby Lee, Charlie Lee, Brock Pierce, Roger Ver, Tone Vays, Travis Wright and many many more celebrities and people from media with a strong influence on cryptocurrencies in the crypto-sphere.

They will cover topics like investment and token sales – whether they’re dead or not, wether they’re risky, and in general about the truths of innovating a technology. Then they will talk about the state of blockchain, about the war between theory and practice, about real world applications for blockchain technology and how blockchain is empowering businesses and communities. The marketing of crypto-products will be discussed as well – how to merge a budget for your Blockchain project and etc. But blockchain isnt always about finance, so they are going to cover topics like – blockchain in game industries like e-sports and the evolution of it as a whole. One of the most interesting questions raised in the event agenda was – What spehere critically needs to be changed with blockchain technology? Really looking forward to that discussion.

Since the cruise will be attended by an Estonian ex-member of parliament, Taavi Roivas, one of the topics covered will be about crypto regulations in the US and abroad. Wether they’re equities or utilities etc.

And possibly the biggest set of topics is going to be about crypto in general. That is why the main title of this set is called “In Crypto we trust”. Under this segment they will discuss general things in crypto like the future of payments, scalability, trading, smart contracts, cybersecurity and about the BTC phenomenon.

Mostly it is a party and networking cruise with a few workshops and pool parties. The discussions will start at the second day when two short panel discussions will be held, and on day three there will be a large discussion panel from 9AM to 7PM with celebrity dinner afterwards.

Then on the 4thday there will be a special surprise for all the attendees. It will be a pool party with all the celebrities, BBQ, Sunset Lounge and many more for the attendees to party until the morning light. 

When it comes to prices, at the moment there is a huge discount, but only for ladies, for 495 Euros, but from this I get that there is going to be a mens only party and now the organizers just want to dilute the guys crowd with a few ladies. But for all other mortals the prices vary from 1 995 Euros for a single person in a 3 guest room to 19 995 Euros for a Gold suite. The accepted payments are fiat and crypto.

This is definitely the crypto event of the year, where you will have the great opportunity to meet all the people running the crypto-sphere nowadays and maybe even engage in a discussion with them. A great party, with great information, and since this is the third time the organizers are hosting such an event a perfection is expected.