21st International Business Networking Event – The Modern World

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In less than a week, Riga will host one of the biggest networking events in Latvia – the 21stInternational Business Networking Event. These events happen twice a year, and this time the main theme for the event is “The Modern World”. It gathers industry professionals, company owners, managers, investors, experts and even members of the Latvian and European parliament. Best Coin Investments are proud and thankful to be one of the main media partners for this event.

The Modern World

The event will take place on 22ndof March, and if you visited the previous one, the location stays the same – Citadele conference center. For Best Coin Investments this seems like a very intriguing theme, as cryptocurrencies are thought to be one of the core elements of the future, hence the modern world. Since the future is now, and many say that we are living it, this event will highlight the direction we are heading towards and more importantly show-off success of various industries in the 21stcentury. And what better way how to address this than a business networking event.


The presentation panel will be opened by the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Inara Murniece. Also, speakers from all around the world will deliver many interesting subjects that will flock your mind. From communications and new technologies to customer service, from virtual reality to money. From medicine to performance arts. Topics covering specific country experiences like Indonesian development of technologies, and the success of Estonian startup ecosystem. In short – there will be topics for everyone.

Of course, we are most eager to hear Mr. Arturs Boss and Kristaps Strelis’ presentation, because they are going to cover a 20 minute long speech titled “Money, money, money… Faster, better, individual approach to conventional banking in 21stcentury”. We hope that this presentation will feature topics around cryptocurrencies or at least the use of blockchain. As mentioned in the title, they will cover the conventional banking system, but as many of us knows, JP Morgan Chase, is about to release their own stable coin – JPM Coin. 

Moreover, another interesting speech should be about the famous Estonian start-up ecosystem, which has attracted many young entrepreneurs and helped them to achieve their goals and visions. Taxify being one of the most popular ones.

“You don’t need to move to Silicon Valley to compete with huge global giants and build a transportation platform that’s used by tens of millions of people across the world. We’ve done it from Estonia,” says the owners of Taxify.

For a more detailed schedule of the event, go to their website.

Tickets and Organizers

Also, you can still purchase tickets which price is very appealing, if compared to the traditional crypto-conference cost. Only 200 Euros, and you will have the opportunity to meet industry professionals from all around the world.

In addition, these events are usually very well organized. You will not have to worry about coffee or snacks, because everything will be provided. A nice lunch for every kind of taste, coffee breaks long enough, specifically meant for networking, and a really nice after-party with drinks and meals on a cute ship right next to the conference location. All that for 200 Euros – we believe that it’s more than worth it.

The organizers Talivaldis Kreislers and Mara Kreislere from IBNC (International Business and Networking Consortium) have been organizing these events for more than 10 years and we can reassure that these people have mastered the art of organizing a networking event. You will feel nurtured, and everything will be provided for you to qualitatively take on information.

“IBC forums are useful for business development, promotion of export and sales in general. Through business contacts made in our forums, hundreds of companies have found new customers, business partners, and investors”.

Talivaldis Kreislers, the lead organiser.

The previous event

Best Coin Investments also attended and covered the previous event. It happened just a few months ago, in October 2018. Back then the main theme for this business networking event was new challenges and opportunities in Asia. Many company owners shared their experience of working in abroad areas like Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and China. They told about the unique possibilities that these countries offer to the Baltic States and how this cooperation can benefit them.

Of course, we went there to find out the current state of cryptocurrency adoption within these many foreign countries. Most of the entrepreneurs and government officials we met, were aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They knew what this technology can offer, however, all as one shared the same opinion – cryptocurrencies must be properly regulated. To read more about the last event and what many industry professionals had to say about cryptocurrencies, read our article.

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