MEW launched a beta iOS app – MEWconnect!

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Today on September 18th, MEW (My Ether Wallet) launched an iOS beta app MEWconnect.

In this new app the users will not have to type in their private key, just like Ledger or Tezor, but unlike Tezor and Ledger, MEWconnect will be for free, which will most likely result in a large user base, since MEW says their daily traffic of users is around 600k.

While this is a beta version, the founders hope that the new users will help finding issues or bugs related with the app to make it better. There is a bounty offer which range from $250 to $2000.

MEW is known for multiple phishing attacks on its users, since they happen pretty often, and that is why this function of not entering your private key, makes it more secure and safe for its users.

Do you often use MEW? Have you had any troubles using it?


Ripple is about to launch an payments app for iOS and Android

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Recently Ripple, in cooperation with a Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, revealed their new website for the application called – MoneyTrap. It will be powered by Ripple’s distributed ledger technology. The app is expected to go live in autumn. 

SBI Ripple Asia, which is the joint venture between SBI Holdings and Ripple, said that when the service first will be launched it will be available only for customers of the SBI Net Sumishin Bank, Suruga Bank and Resona Bank, which are the three members of the consortium. After the official launch the service will be provided to all 64 members of the consortium.

This application will let users make domestic transactions 24/7, by using a phone number or a QR code to get rid of the time limitations the traditional banking systems impose.

According to CoinDesk, this is not the first major banking firm to roll out an app enabled by Ripple’s distributed ledger technology. Santander has done this previously in April, by launching a foreign cross-boarder exchange among consumers in Spain, the U.K., Brazil and Poland.

These are good news for Ripple holders, especially those, who bought some during December 2017 and January 2018, when Ripple experienced its ATH. With these news, Ripple is being adopted more widely across banks and their money transfer methods are being used more and more.

But then again, Ripple has faced some serious assumptions of it being centralized, since it cannot be mined, the transactions on its chain are being verified by a centralized blockchain to make it more reliable and fast. They are justifying this by saying that the Ripple’s chain cannot afford to be slowed down, as this has happened to other currencies which support the traditional blockchain infrastructure of it being decentralized where the transactions are being verified by miners.

Disregarding this, it still is a blockchain technology which is being adopted by traditional systems, and that is what this technological revolution is all about. If we look at the recent regulations by different governments, we see that the crypto-space is slowly becoming centralized by governments and that the privacy chains and cryptocurrencies related with private chains and untraceable transactions are becoming the peoples favorite. Just as a lot of people anticipated before the start of 2018. It was clear that this year was going to be the year of regulations, and the sad part is – it’s not over yet. I believe there are big regulations to come till the end of the year. Especially in November when the official G-20 summit will take place.

What are your thoughts of a Ripple powered mobile app? Would you use it?


TRON Foundation releases TronWallet

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On July 31, Tron Foundation tweeted that their new TronWallet is now available on all Android devices and iOS versions are going to be available soon. 

TronWallet is the result of a TRON Programming Contest. They didn’t win, but they raised $200K USD from Tron Accelerator to continue their blockchain research and development.

“With today’s release, TronWallet makes it easier for you and your friends to unleash the power of the TRON Network and its applications with a fully decentralized p2p wallet for iOS and Android”, says in their blog post, “TronWallet is a beautiful, simple yet powerful p2p crypto wallet dedicated to TRON users”. Some of TronWallet features include: fee-less sending and receiving of TRX tokens, open source, fully decentralized, push notifications, local secret encryption + PIN and a few more about which you can read in their blog post.

The TronWallet is an open source project initiative from Getty/IO Inc.

Getty/IO Inc. for the past 9 years have developed over 100+ mobile and web apps for companies around the world. TronWallet team is formed with people from USA, Canada, Brazil, Belgium and Chile.


Photo by Tron

Zap: A Lightning Network wallet for the community

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Recent tweets from Jack Millers, who is a collage drop-out, a hard working developer with strong intuition and obsessed with bitcoin, has developed a desktop app called Zap. 

First videos on how to use this app were published on August 2017, so I assume thats around the time when the app was built. 

But today, a few hours ago, he posted on twitter several posts on Zaps’ updates. For example, now there is a new feature called “Zap Connect” which allows your desktop node to accept incoming connections from other devices, like Zap iOS. Jack has made this so easy, that your desktop node will provide a simple QR code, which you can scan with your mobile app and you will immediately will be connected to your desktop wallet.

Also another great new feature is the “Zap LN iMessage widget”. When opening iMessage, on your keyboard features you will see a Zap icon option, with which you can create a LN (Lightning Network) invoice. You can text it to a recipient of yours and he can click it and pay it within seconds.

Jack has provided videos on how he connects his mobile to the desktop node and uses the mobile app, it looks really smooth and easy to look at. Just as he says on one of his last tweets on this thread: “Can’t even tell we’re using BTC”.

Also he adds that all this will be open source and free. 

It is great to see the Lightning Network evolving into easier customer interfaces and better to understand apps and features. This is a great achievement for bitcoin and the crypto-community in general. 


Jack Millers’ thread on Zaps updates:

Jack Millers’ CV website:

Demo walkthrough of Zaps’ desktop app: