Russia Adopted a Law on Internet Isolation

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On April 16, the Russian State Duma, in the third and final reading, adopted a law on Internet isolation. Initially, State Duma submitted the bill in December 2018. It was adopted at first reading on February 12, but the second reading was held last week. The law will become active in November 2019. except for The rules on cryptographic protection of information and the national domain name system will be an exception. These laws will become active on January 1, 2021.

A Technical Opportunity

The authors of the bill propose to create a technical opportunity for the Russian network segment to work autonomously from the rest of the Internet. The Federal Supervisory Authority (FSA) will coordinate the work of the system. The Russian government will approve the procedures for installing and operating protective equipment in the network of the communications operator.

However, critics of the bill believe that the law is based on the money that will be allocated to the budget for the development of Russian Internet autonomy programs. These features will later “kick off”, increasing the cost of Internet access for all users. In fact, the citizens themselves will have to pay for the prison, in which the state deliberately puts them.

Russia Attacked by Telephone Terrorists

Additionally, it is important to remember that in the past two years, unknown telephone terrorists were attacking Russia. Evacuation of shopping malls and universities were a regular thing. Needless to say that this costs a lot of money to track down these “attackers”. However, in the last two years, the Russian Spec Ops haven’t yet found a way on how to deal with this.

Moreover, it is unlikely that the absence of this law has hampered the effectiveness on fight terrorists. And we don’t know whether the law will help this issue as well. However, from the practicality point of view, the law looks very vague as regards of specific tasks. The only thing that is for sure – the law will cause problems for everyone else, except the terrorists, and will make everyone involved fabulously rich.


Photo by Wikimedia Commons