21st International Business Networking Event – The Modern World

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In less than a week, Riga will host one of the biggest networking events in Latvia – the 21stInternational Business Networking Event. These events happen twice a year, and this time the main theme for the event is “The Modern World”. It gathers industry professionals, company owners, managers, investors, experts and even members of the Latvian and European parliament. Best Coin Investments are proud and thankful to be one of the main media partners for this event.

The Modern World

The event will take place on 22ndof March, and if you visited the previous one, the location stays the same – Citadele conference center. For Best Coin Investments this seems like a very intriguing theme, as cryptocurrencies are thought to be one of the core elements of the future, hence the modern world. Since the future is now, and many say that we are living it, this event will highlight the direction we are heading towards and more importantly show-off success of various industries in the 21stcentury. And what better way how to address this than a business networking event.


The presentation panel will be opened by the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Inara Murniece. Also, speakers from all around the world will deliver many interesting subjects that will flock your mind. From communications and new technologies to customer service, from virtual reality to money. From medicine to performance arts. Topics covering specific country experiences like Indonesian development of technologies, and the success of Estonian startup ecosystem. In short – there will be topics for everyone.

Of course, we are most eager to hear Mr. Arturs Boss and Kristaps Strelis’ presentation, because they are going to cover a 20 minute long speech titled “Money, money, money… Faster, better, individual approach to conventional banking in 21stcentury”. We hope that this presentation will feature topics around cryptocurrencies or at least the use of blockchain. As mentioned in the title, they will cover the conventional banking system, but as many of us knows, JP Morgan Chase, is about to release their own stable coin – JPM Coin. 

Moreover, another interesting speech should be about the famous Estonian start-up ecosystem, which has attracted many young entrepreneurs and helped them to achieve their goals and visions. Taxify being one of the most popular ones.

“You don’t need to move to Silicon Valley to compete with huge global giants and build a transportation platform that’s used by tens of millions of people across the world. We’ve done it from Estonia,” says the owners of Taxify.

For a more detailed schedule of the event, go to their website.

Tickets and Organizers

Also, you can still purchase tickets which price is very appealing, if compared to the traditional crypto-conference cost. Only 200 Euros, and you will have the opportunity to meet industry professionals from all around the world.

In addition, these events are usually very well organized. You will not have to worry about coffee or snacks, because everything will be provided. A nice lunch for every kind of taste, coffee breaks long enough, specifically meant for networking, and a really nice after-party with drinks and meals on a cute ship right next to the conference location. All that for 200 Euros – we believe that it’s more than worth it.

The organizers Talivaldis Kreislers and Mara Kreislere from IBNC (International Business and Networking Consortium) have been organizing these events for more than 10 years and we can reassure that these people have mastered the art of organizing a networking event. You will feel nurtured, and everything will be provided for you to qualitatively take on information.

“IBC forums are useful for business development, promotion of export and sales in general. Through business contacts made in our forums, hundreds of companies have found new customers, business partners, and investors”.

Talivaldis Kreislers, the lead organiser.

The previous event

Best Coin Investments also attended and covered the previous event. It happened just a few months ago, in October 2018. Back then the main theme for this business networking event was new challenges and opportunities in Asia. Many company owners shared their experience of working in abroad areas like Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and China. They told about the unique possibilities that these countries offer to the Baltic States and how this cooperation can benefit them.

Of course, we went there to find out the current state of cryptocurrency adoption within these many foreign countries. Most of the entrepreneurs and government officials we met, were aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They knew what this technology can offer, however, all as one shared the same opinion – cryptocurrencies must be properly regulated. To read more about the last event and what many industry professionals had to say about cryptocurrencies, read our article.

Useful links:

Contacts and tickets
(To purchase tickets, press “I’m attending” and fill out the form)

The schedule of the event

Our article about the last event

Interview with one of the organizers, Talivaldis Kreislers

Photo by sfk.lv

Blockchain pre-accelerator pitch meet-up in Riga

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In Latvia, Riga, a pitch session was held to help new crypto based projects to pitch their ideas to investors and to practice their performance skills in general. The event was well attended and the people presenting their ideas and products were full of challenges and ambitions. Organizers described the event more like a talent pitch, but investors were more than welcome to chat with the entrepreneurs of a specific project they enquired about. Each presenter was given a time frame of 5 minutes. Afterwords, when the pitch session was over, the attendees were able to vote for their favorite presenter and the winner would get a bottle of the finest Cognac. After the pitch session, individual entrepreneurs were allowed to present their ideas in a time frame of 1 minute. A few attendees took the opportunity.

Further in this article I will briefly comment on the presented crypto projects.

As the first project to present their idea was Tixico. Tixico is a blockchain-based ticketing platform, were ticket sellers, distributors and buyers can easily operate without the fear of being scammed. The platform also offers Event organizers to set price range limits on the second hand market as well as how many tickets one user can purchase in total, thus protecting from ticket scalpers. To prevent fraud, Tixico token owners can engage in voting and even assigning event moderators that distribute money to specific causes. They have already raised $30,000 from an angel investor, but they are looking for extra $3 million to release their full protocol. The good thing is that they have presented the Alpha version of their platform which will be the cornerstone for future development. For more info go to tixico.io

Next came a-Qube, a decentralized Marketplace of Ideas. a-Qube claims to be the first p2p Mobile Incubator which turns Business Ideas into Profitable Assets. The presenter was nervous and speaking quietly, but the presentation was acknowledgeable. Basically it is a p2p(peer-to-peer) incubator were users match based on their chosen archetype track, just like in dating apps. Users will be able to exchange, trade and lease their business ideas. There is not much information about their project on the internet, so I believe they are at the very start of their project development.

After a-Qube, the worlds first crypto embassy came to present their project – Cryptocash. It is founded by the PayBis.com team, which also was the main sponsor for this whole event. The embassy is located in Riga, Latvia and their main goals are to educate people about cryptocurrencies and blockchain; make it simple for beginners experienced crytpo enthusiasts to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. They offer few products and services within the embassy as well. For example, you can easily purchase cryptocurrencies with cash or debit/credit cards, you can exchange your crypto to cash, for that they offer a receipt which will contain all the details needed for legal tax purposes. And of course they offer a wide range of crypto merchandise such as hardware wallets, souvenirs, themed clothes, watches and other accessories.

Next came Files.fm, a company which already provides secure, convenient and scalable data storage solutions. By already I mean they have been working for years in the field of storing data. Mostly in Europe and the Baltic states, but they have clients all around the world. Their ambition is to make a world file library. The presenter highlighted a major problem with file libraries – there is no legal file library, no specialized file search and the user cannot access specified files. And that is what Files.fm is working on solving. The presenter spoke very good english and the presentation was done well.

The self acclaimed first physically secure cryptocurrency vault – AsicVault, came next. They have developed a chip which forms a Trusted Execution Environment. The chip design already exceeds 77 000 lines of Verilog/VHDL code and it has a system for online wallets, exchanges, banks and companies holding blockchain assets. Also they offer a decentralized exchange where the user will have the ability to participate without depositing any funds into centralized accounts. AsicVault chips support trading accounts that enable peer-to-peer trading and swapping of cryptocurrencies. Their first batch is already sold out, they are working on the software and the price of the product was estimated around 200 Euros.

I gave my vote for the FIC network presentation which came next, because the presenter was very active and humorous, plus he had a very brief style of presenting.

The first thing which was revealed already at the beginning of the Blockchain meet-up, was that one of these 10 projects have reached almost $3 million in funds. And I’m glad to introduce that this is the project. FIC is a blockchain-based network that will enable users to list, buy, and sell any type of crypto or fiat fixed income financial instrument. They were looking for team members in their new blockchain infrastructure which is designed to create a global crypto and fiat currency credit and fixed income financial market for all global participants. FIC will accelerate global economic growth by enabling financial institutions, businesses, and individuals to lend and borrow crypto and fiat assets, and securitize crypto and fiat debt.

DISEO, a Blockchain empowered open social interaction all-in-one platform presented next. They have a very interesting concept. Basically their platform is a mix between Facebook,WhatsApp and LinkedIn, where you can have your product advertised within, artist, athlete or personal pages. But the digital advertising at those pages are optional for the user. Every athlete, artist or person can manage their adds, so they don’t take over all your news feed. Their platform will cover all fundamental social media functionalities like: a news page; individual or group chats with real time translation options; events and calendar options and an integrated online shop where the customer will be able to pay with coins. Most likely the coins mentioned will be their own DISEO, but the fact they accented is that they will sell only shares not coins in addition to avoid speculative components.

Next came a company called PowerMining made last year by two crypto-enthusiasts from Latvia. Their main working area is selling and operating Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum mining rigs. What sets them aside from classic online mining shops is that they offer large GPU and ASIC mobile mining units which are built in a standard shipping container. The containers are filled with around 160 ASIC’s or 90 GPU’s costing around $20k. They can be easily transported to any place of customers choice. Also they are offering the option of hosting ASIC miners and their service include consultations, insurance, a secure and closed location, security cameras, thermal humidity and fire protection and a remote access to your miners. The standard time of their contract is 6 months.

And the last project to present their idea was the first community based decentralized police on blockchain called CryptoPolice. It is a platform that helps to bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud.

“…CryptoPolice empowers the community to get hands on with the fight against scam. In the platform, the crowd is represented by the Officers – a community of expert users that have been trained and certified at the CryptoPolice Academy”, said Arturs Rasnacis the CEO of CryptoPolice. The company is now in private sale mode and they will issue their own token – OfficerCoin (OFCR) which will be built on the ERC-20 platform. They already have a notification system called WhatchDog. It uses the wisdom of the crowd to protect users from scams. The working principle of the WatchDog system is similar to an AntiVirus system. The§ system will protect the user from phishing sites, ICO scams, fake projects and many more. The cost of this notification system that can be added as a Google Chrome extension is $12 per year. Application programming interface (API) will be available next year.

Overall it was a well organized event, even though it was a small scale one, with about 50 people attending, the atmosphere was smooth, so the presenters had a good audience to practice their presentations, which was one of the main goals for the event. One of the organizers, Karlis Kivlenieks, said that they are planning further for similar events in October. They have had workshops in Switzerland with great attendance and similar pitch sessions like this one, so they are well experienced in making blockchain conference kind of events.

Looking forward to more events and best of luck to Karlis and his team!