Mainstream Adoption: AT&T Now Accepts Bitcoin!

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Judging by recent news, the US telecom and media conglomerate AT&T now will be accepting Bitcoin! Customers will be able to pay for their phone bills online with Bitcoin! AT&T is the largest multichannel video service provider in the US. They have around a total of 22,3 million subscribers.

AT&T Expanding Services

While you cannot use Bitcoin to buy phones and other merchandise what AT&T offers to their clients, this is a very good head-up start for a company of such scale. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts now can pay with Bitcoin for their phone bills. This is done via a partnership with BitPay.

Kevin McDorman, vice president at AT&T, explained that AT&T has a lot of customers using cryptocurrencies. So the company decided to come forward to their clients and a rational step was to allow Bitcoin payments. He said:

“We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services. We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.”

Kevin McDorman

Large companies start to acknowledge cryptocurrencies

This move from AT&T is just yet another step towards mass cryptocurrency adoption. This year, more than ever, there have been multiple companies that announce that they are working on ways how to use, develop or implement Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as such on their services or platforms.

These companies include Facebook and JP Morgan with their stablecoin development, IBM and their blockchain implementations, Starbucks accepting crypto payments, Fidelity adding Bitcoin to their services, NYSE along with NASDAQ acknowledging Bitcoin, Harvard and Yale investing huge sums into Bitcoin, Microsoft using it in their Azure service, and many others at this point.

Today you can hear about Bitcoin in most of the traditional media platforms. CNBC now covers a daily segment about Bitcoin. They encourage investors to think about investing in BTC. The cryptocurrency lately is all around the news and each day brings new horizons development and implementation-wise. The bull is here to stay for quite a while. 


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Send Bitcoin Using WhatsApp?

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Just recently Wuabit announced that soon WhatsApp users will be able to send Bitcoin via chatting. Wuabit is a cryptocurrency wallet and they have developed a new “software agent” which is powered by a specialized AI. 

Bringing Bitcoin to millions of users

It is a well-known fact that WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging applications in the world. With the help of Wuabit’s claim to integrate their services within the messaging app, millions of users will have the ability to transact Bitcoin, just by using WhatsApp. That would be a huge push towards mainstream adoption for Bitcoin. The simple reason being that a lot of people really lack the technical side of cryptocurrencies. They would love to participate but are doubting their ability to understand the technology. With the help of this new feature, they won’t have to do a thing. Wuabit also says that other cryptocurrencies will be available for transacting, for example, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Litecoin.

“We are near completing the wallet core service starting with BTC. By using WhatsApp/SMS/Telegram you can access that wallet easily. Crypto payments via WhatsApp can introduce greater numbers of new users who only know how to chat to this complicated space. Usability is key in user adoption and a great enabler.”

Send Bitcoin just by typing!

Wuabit claims that sending Bitcoin via WhatsApp will be as easy as chatting. All users will have to do is to type in a few command lines like “balance” and within the chat, it will show up your balance in the wallet in the form of a regular message. If you would want to send BTC to somebody, you would type in “Send 0.01 BTC to Kate”. Of course, that is if you actually have a contact named Kate in your application. Then a response message will pop up saying “Ready to send 0.01 BTC to Kate, ok?” to which you reply “Ok!” and the transaction!

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Similar projects

LiteIM provides a similar service. Zulu Republic, a Swiss Based crypto company, is the company behind LiteIM. Both companies share plans on delivering this service to all social media platforms, instead of creating their own. LiteIM has no control over users private keys. The user has full control over his assets. Currently, they support Telegram and Facebook Messenger apps and have announced that WhatsApp will be coming soon. With LiteIM, initially, you could send only Litecoin. But now after a few months, they have integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zulu Republic Token ZTX.

Screenshot from Facebook Messenger

While LiteIM is already up and running, Wuabit claims that their services “are near completion” to present it for the public. That means that after a month or so, we will be able to try out the new service.

Mass-adoption incoming?

Will it trigger mass-adoption? That’s a tricky question as, first of all, not many people know about cryptocurrencies. And eventually, this job “to spread the word” would be up for the crypto supporters. We would have to send crypto to people who don’t know or don’t have any. And this is the problem with which we encountered. Respectively, if the other person, who you want to send crypto hasn’t registered on LiteIM, then before you can successfully transact between each other, he needs to register first. We believe that this puts a huge stop sign for the mass-adoption as many people stop using the app at that point. Especially, if you want to send crypto to a person who doesn’t know anything about this. The send function should come with an invitation link, where the receiver could easily sign up and claim the crypto that has been sent to his account! 

However, looking from the accessibility aspect of this issue – of course, this brings massive advantages. People who lack the technical side of crypto will be able to engage with crypto with ease. However, LiteIM also predicted a faster mass-adoption, Let’s see how this escalates. 


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LiteIM is growing its way to Facebook.

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Yesterday, November 1, Line.IM, which is a Litecoin (LTC) wallet for transacting LTC through SMS and Telegram, has added Facebook Messenger to their list of supported platforms. 

Zulu Republic, a Swiss Based crypto company, is the company behind LiteIM. They shared their plans on delivering this service to all social media platforms, instead of creating their own. LiteIM has no control over users private keys. The user has full control over his assets.

Mass adoption of Crypto

That is a massive step towards crypto mass adoption as Facebook has a user base of 2 billion people.

“The main point is to bring Litecoin to the people who don’t have access to it by ordinary means like we do. Our ecosystem enables banking empowerment to the whole world, connecting every network, including phone numbers via SMS and soon USSD, to people with restricted access to the internet or technology,” says in their official Medium post.

LiteIM is the first service related to crypto to land on Facebook. That is interesting as Facebook has an outright ban on all cryptocurrency advertising. That could be a sign that Facebook is preparing for something big in the future.

Connecting people with restricted access to the internet

While Telegram and Facebook Messenger functions work all around the world, SMS feature only works for residents in the U.S.

We reached out to the CEO of Zulu Republic, Daniele Sestagalli, and she shared that they are working on delivering USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) LiteIM to Africa. USSD is a “communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers,” says Wikipedia. That means that people with restricted access to the internet will be able to use the service.

The Practice

Best Coin Investments were super excited about such an opportunity, so we decided to test it out. Since we are outside of the U.S., we couldn’t test out the SMS feature.

When visiting their website, on the top left corner is a link which will open up Telegram. From there starts a chat with the LiteIM bot which will ask for an e-mail address and your mobile phone number. You will receive a 2FA code which you need to type in Telegram, and your account will be set up. You will have multiple options like send, receive, check your balance, see your transactions, export wallet, change the password, change e-mail, all done through Telegram. The same applies to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

One thing which is not mentioned in the LiteIM posts and website is that the person you are willing to send the LTC to also needs to register their e-mail or phone number within the LiteIM service. I believe most of you will take this for granted, but I just needed to clarify that.

The Future

Zulu Republic has plans to expand to all social media platforms. They want to meet the users where they already are, instead of creating yet another social media platform. LineIM could soon be growing out to WhatsApp, Line, and Kakao. Also, they want to supplement the already available features with the ability for users to purchase and sell LTC as well.


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