Funny: Do I own a shitcoin?

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An interesting web page has come up with a brilliant idea – a search bar with which you can find out, whether you own a shitcoin or not. 

It’s called

For example, when typing in BTC and pressing enter a funny message come up: “Is this a serious question? Bitcoin is king Bitcoin is gold. Bitcoin is God.”

When typing XRP, the message reads “Do you like centralized ‘cryptos’?”, moving on with OMG – “Sh*tcoin, but HODL it. Why not? You are holding sh*tcoins anyways”

Then we tried it out with DOGE and it said: “Such shit, very coin, but HODL for that yearly pump.”

Basically, everything you type in there is a sh*tcoin, with a few exceptions like RHOC, ETH, XLM, MANA, BNB, STEEM and many others which I didn’t try yet. But overall a fun website with a few minutes to kill checking whether you’re not a shitcoin hodler.