Interview with “FinanceFirst LTD.”, the Company Used by Scammers!

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It all started at the beginning of this year. In early January, BiteBTC, a cryptocurrency exchange, reported that they occurred a fire within their data centers. From this point on, the users of BiteBTC couldn’t even imagine the pain they will have to go through. We interviewed one of the companies that BiteBTC used as a cover to hide their illegal activities. The company – FinanceFirst LTD., was on the footer of BiteBTC for quite some time, indicating the official address and company name. Recently Investment Stab started receiving e-mails from the victims of BiteBTC. That’s when they found out that their company is being used by fraudulent purposes.

After the fire, BiteBTC claimed that their main backup servers were destroyed. Interestingly enough, this happened three days before the annual Proof-of-Keys event, where users withdraw their funds located on exchanges in order to see the exchange’s ability to provide solvency. Apparently, BiteBTC failed, as, after the fire, many users started complaining that they can’t access their accounts. Since then, we have dug a little deeper and tried to educate our readers on this possible scam.

Today, it seems like they are still operating the same way as they were after the fire. We still receive customer complaints about this exchange. They are locking users funds, and banning them form the website. The most common practice is to use a higher price of other cryptocurrencies, so that newcomers register in order to use the arbitrage opportunity within the exchange. Their first deposit is successful as well as the first trade. The problems start when customers are trying to withdraw larger sums than $100. Their accounts immediately get blocked and they receive an e-mail explaining that they have violated the company’s terms of service. When contacting the support team, usually there is no answer or they just describe that there is nothing a user can do.

Additionally, their Twitter profile is packed with negative user complaints and it looks like they are still operating. Of course, now they have changed the website footer to a different company FirstFinance LLC which is supposedly based in Seychelles.

Approached By Falsely Accused Owners

When we first reported about BiteBTC we found customer findings of the possible owners of BiteBTC. Once we published the article, a few weeks later we got approached by a company which was previously mentioned on the website footer of BiteBTC as their legal name and address. The company was FinanceFirst Pte. LTD. It is a Singapore company which specializes in educational material on investing in their blog Investment Stab. They contacted us by saying that they have nothing to do with BiteBTC and that their company name is being used by scammers! They even shared a message to all users who got scammed by BiteBTC.

Since we are still receiving e-mails from BiteBTC victims, we decided to do an interview with the owners of FinanceFirst Pte. Ltd, and their company Investment Stab. They explain how they encountered the scam and what can the victims possibly do if they realize that they have been scammed. Enjoy!

Explain who you are and what is your primary business?

We are Investment Stab, a financial blog under the company FinanceFirst Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore. Our primary business is in media advertising.

When did you first find out about BiteBTC using your company’s identity?

We first got a few emails in our corporate mailbox around the second half of 2018. We thought that these were scam emails and so we deleted them and brushed them off. We only started to take notice in early 2019 when the victims started contacting us on LinkedIn. It was then when we did a Google search on ourselves did we realised that BiteBTC had used our name for fraud.

How do you think and why they chose your company?

We were unlucky? They chose a company that is new, has a finance name, dealing in the media industry, is relatively small, and in a country that is currently being promoted internationally as a fintech hub.

How has that affected your business and its credibility? Financial issues?

It hasn’t affected the normal dealing of our business, but it has affected our credibility when it comes to us publishing our content to our audience. The more critical issue is that it has impacted us personally as our directors’ personal information was leaked online, and it led to victims coming to harass us.

The BiteBTC scam seems to be still ongoing, are there any extra steps that you as a company have taken against BiteBTC? Have you had any communication with them? Maybe legal works?

They have since changed the company name they used to another company’s. We have also lodged a police report on BiteBTC. We can only tell the public we are not related to BiteBTC and hope that people don’t become the next victims.

What is your opinion, what needs to be done to stop scammers like BiteBTC from continuing to operate? Many victims have filed multiple complaints in various countries, do you think that helps? Can the authorities do something?

People need to be more educated, do more research, and not be blinded by greed. This was what we set out to do: to get people financially educated and informed.

What is the best advice what to do if you just found out that you got scammed by BiteBTC?

Contact the local authorities regarding the scam, and provide the authorities with all the relevant information that could aid them in their investigation. Also, be mentally prepared that the money might never be coming back to me.

Any further steps you are executing regards this issue? Can the community help?

If the community has any new information, do share it with their local authorities, or pass the information to the forums/blogs/chat groups created for this scam. What us at Investment Stab can do, is to educate, and spread the word that BiteBTC is a scam and that there could be many more of such scams preying on unknowing investors. Investors need to stay alert, and not put in their life savings. As with all prudent financial planning, never invest money that you cannot afford to lose – because you just might lose everything if you invest in a wrong company.

Your advice to cryptocurrency enthusiasts?

The cryptocurrency world is just like the dot-com bubble in the early 2000s, there are going to be crypto that will be wildly successful, and creates lots of richest. The 2000s created really successful companies like Amazon, Adobe, ARM, eBay; but 99% of those other dot-com companies also crashed. The same pattern will happen in the crypto world – some will succeed, many will crash, we just don’t know yet which one will belong to which side, so invest cautiously.

Thank you Investment Stab/FinanceFirst LTD. for your time! We hope that this issue will soon be taken care of and addressed globally. Be sure to visit their website and check out their blog! They have amazing material on traditional assets and investing in the traditional markets.

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Falsely accused owners of shares a message

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Recently we got approached by the owners of FinanceFirst Pte. Ltd which is a Singapore investments company. They manage a blog called Many of us who closely follow the ongoings of BiteBTC, know that this was the company mentioned in their previous footer of the web page.

Investmentstab contacted us by saying that they are not the owners of BiteBTC, and asked us to update the article. And so we did. Now they made a new blog post regards the BiteBTC issue. It appears that they have filed a police report for theft of their identity. We managed to re-post their article on our platform for it to reach a wider audience. Below you can read their full post:

Investmentstab message to their users

Dear Readers,

It has come to our attention that a cryptocurrency exchange, under the name of, has been FRAUDULENTLY using our name to operate and promote their exchange, cheating investors of their hard earn money through investments in cryptocurrencies on their platform. The footer of BiteBTC’s website previously claimed to be operated by FinanceFirst Pte. Ltd and was located in Singapore with our rightful UEN identifier. After being alerted by various users, have since changed the footer of their website where it claims to be operated by a company named ‘First Finance LLC’, located in Seychelles (East Africa).
Investment Stab is a blog under the company, FinanceFirst Pte Ltd. We are not involved in any cryptocurrency exchange activities or stored value facility. Any activities by are not associated with or carried by us. As to reasons why our details and UEN identifier were listed and misappropriated by, this information can be easily obtained from ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) of Singapore by doing a search in BizFile. More details can also be easily purchased from BizFile at SGD 11.

When we searched for ‘First Finance LLC’, this company came up, and it is based in the United States of America (USA). It is evident that is probably using another company or is a non-existent company to continue their fraudulent business practice. No other information on its operating team or members were found on its website.
We have since lodged a police report against for theft of our identity and we trust that the police will investigate the matter. In addition, we were also told that there have already been several reports lodged against the for fraud.

In addition, we would also like to use this to educate our fellow readers on the issues surrounding cryptocurrency as an investment or trading instrument. Cryptocurrency currently operates in the legal grey area of many countries and is often not regulated. Due to the nature of technology, ambiguity and opaqueness are usually inherent where investors often do not fully understand its capabilities and promises. With such characteristics, combined with the promised hype of riches, it is a superior tool for scams and other illegal activities. We hope to warn readers and potential investors of any cryptocurrencies to carry out extensive research and exercise judgement on the accuracy of the information presented.

Investment Stab is a financial education platform. We aim to be the site where people can reach out to learn about personal finance, and we are committed to continuing towards that goal. Thank you for your support. We will keep you updated should there be any new findings from the police.
Thank you.
The team at Investment Stab

Moreover, the domain has been taken down by the efforts of other users. Also, BiteBTC has contacted us and more information will follow.

Is BiteBTC a scam exchange?

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Recently we reported that BiteBTC experienced a fire within their data centers in Singapore. We immediately sent our reporters to Singapore to check out the situation. It appears that there was no fire recorded. Also, BiteBTC headquarters are located in an apartment building, referring to their company address 553 SERANGOON NORTH AVENUE 3, SINGAPORE provided by opencorporates. It looks like it might be a scam.

Locals say that no fire reported

Since our reporters found out that their headquarters is an apartment building, they went off in the streets of Singapore to ask its residents about any news of the fire. Locals responded negatively, saying that if there actually were a fire, it would most definitely be covered by local newspapers and televisions. Singapore is very open to their residents. They have a perfect society, well-planned infrastructure and they want its residents to feel safe. This raises suspicion about the authenticity of the news provided on their website.

BiteBTC official address – an apartment building?

Although this might be true, and that could be a formal address, this only strengthens the suspicion regards the exchange being a scam. According to, the registration number coincides with the number provided on their website. This information was contributed by an individual user. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any additional information about the company.

The apartment building located at 553 Serangoon North Avenue 3, Singapore.
The back yard of the apartment building on 553 Serangoon North Avenue 3, Singapore.

Huge daily volume

However, at the time of writing, according to, they are operating with $70 million, which is equivalent to 17,407 BTC and rising daily volume. While writing this article the daily volume increased to $72 million, which is outrageous!

That is a lot of money, and I doubt that a company which handles so much of users funds could live off only with a formal address, located in an apartment building. Moreover, they haven’t specified the address of their data centers which caught the “fire”.

Users constantly reporting scammy characteristics

Since the announcement of a “fire”, their Twitter page is constantly flooded with users complaints. Despite users being so frustrated, they haven’t communicated regards their issues. They only keep adding coins to their exchange. On the same day when they announced the fire, they added Inmax (INX) token.

Twitter on fire

Since then every twitter post they have had is tampering with accusations of a scam. Users say that they cannot log in on their accounts, that they are locked and have disappeared. Also, reports of 2FA not working are up in the air. Needless to say that the exchange hasn’t replied to any of these comments.

Countless users lost their funds

It all started in a CCN article, in which a user wrote to CCN stating that he has lost about 2 BTC:

“Not sure who to talk to about this. closed its doors and stole everyone’s coins, even mine. I had a lot with this exchange. I’m in tears right now. I cannot log into their website at all.
I have lost about 2 bitcoins. I’ve never been this sad. How can an exchange based in Singapore steal $67 million and disappear ?? I filled out the form on the contact us page as requested in their latest news update with the fire. I sent that Jan. 3, after visiting their website that day when I tried to sign in and realized the system continuously said I did not have an account on there. That’s when I knew. I clicked ‘News’ on their header section and seen the latest news of the fire that apparently took place. I have not heard from yet and I do not think I will. This is not fair at all.”

Many users claiming that their funds are lost.

Judging by their Twitter, this looks like a total disaster. Sorry for all the traders who deposited in the exchange, and now can’t access their accounts.

Lack of communication

The total lack of communication on Twitter is yet another sign of an exit scam. Not a single response to its users by the exchange. This is a common exit scam strategy.

What is weird is that their daily volume is increasing over the days. This might be due to their BTC/USD pairs which are trading slightly over the market price. Hence, the price of one BTC on is $4,462, while the actual price is $4,055 at the time of writing. Many traders could be using this opportunity for arbitrage trading.

Snapshot of their exchange, showing BTC trading at $4,487.

Posts coin redistribution roadmap and partial account restoration news

BiteBTC recently updated their website status saying that people need to fill out a form about coin redistribution. Also, claiming that “We managed to restore some of the accounts that were blocked”. However, there is no proof for this.

“We are not yet able to answer each one personally, although we are doing everything possible for this,” says on their website, “unfortunately, we have to admit that our specialists failed to recover part of the data from September 4, 2018, to January 1, 2019, including trades, deposits, withdrawals, orders, and some other information.”

Suggests to resent the KYC information

“If your account is not found, we ask you to re-register with the same e-mail address, and also upload KYC documents for the verification.
After that, we ask you to examine the Coin Redistribution Roadmap and fill out a form:
If your account has been restored without balance and/or trading history, we also ask you to go through KYC verification and follow the Coin Redistribution Roadmap to recover your lost funds:”

Is a scam exchange?

I would say yes because it totally meets all the exit scam characteristics. The total lack of communication on Twitter. Stating general information that no-one can approve. Countless unsatisfied users, lost funds, locked accounts. And above all, their official address is located in an apartment building. If the fire was real, as they claim, they should’ve provided the address of the data center which caught the fire and explain it more in detail. We at BestCoinInvestments strongly advise not to trade within this exchange and stay away from it as far as you can. They might do announcements for a while like it was in the case of until eventually, they stop coming and the website is down.

Additional information

If can back up all these claims in this article, or maybe even wants to do an explanatory interview, please contact us at so we can explain the situation to all the traders and investors.


India makes cryptocurrency illegal.

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The president of the Indian National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) Debjani Ghosh finally cleared the uncertainty which was revolving around cryptocurrencies. She came out publicly announcing that all cryptocurrencies are illegal within the borders of India. In reality, this isn’t a big surprise, as the government had recently banned crypto-related businesses, by the pressure of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

A lot of ICO owners since then have already fled the country to Malta or Singapore because of the harsh laws. That, of course, has resulted in many petitions to the Supreme Court by many dissatisfied traders. That is why the government might have to reconsider their position on cryptocurrencies.

The main arguments

Their main argument is that if Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be allowed for trading, then that would encourage illegal transactions, money-laundering, and other illicit actions. Also, they’re worried about Data protection, but the president of the NASSCOM believes that cryptocurrencies need a more flexible regulatory framework to create space for carrying out necessary experimentation. “Such experimentation will create space for a bit of experimentation because, even the government at this stage, will not be knowing how technology will play out and know what is right and what is wrong,” said Debjani Ghosh.

Let’s hope that India changes their mind, because to this day, India is the second largest cryptocurrency mining country in the world. 


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Binance expanding to Singapore with a fiat-to-crypto exchange

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Recently in a blockchain event which happened in Singapore, Binance CEO, Zhao Changpeng, accidentally announced that a new exchange in Singapore will soon be rolling out. The fiat-to-crypto exchange beta testing ended yesterday, judging from the information given. But the real beta version of the exchange will only be available for a small group of people for testing. 

Further details on the upcoming exchange were not given.