Russia to educate lawyers on cryptocurrency

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One of the oldest universities in Russia, the Plekhanov University, is now offering a one-month blockchain and cryptocurrency course called “Legal basis and practice of working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects”. The course will focus on the legislative aspects of crypto and blockchain. 

The Russian government, an IT services provider – IT Technologia, and a law firm Efficient Business Resources organizes this project.

What will the course cover?

“Politika Segodnya” – a local newspaper quoted Alexander Zhuravlev, the managing partner of Efficient Business Resources, saying that the course will consist of lectures about Cryptocurrencies in general, ICOs, Exchanges, smart contracts, mining, KYC, AML and the implementation of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

Who will address these lectures?

It is said that Russian experts in the fields of business, law, and cryptocurrencies are going to run this course. For example, one of the lecturers is going to be Gerbert Shopnik, the CEO of Bitfury in Russia. Another interesting lecturer is going to be Alexander Mikhailov, the director of Russia’s own blockchain powered organic food cooperative and restaurant chain, which has its own token. These two guys alone have all the necessary information one would need about cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain universities are expanding.

It is evident that so far, such a new technology like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you couldn’t learn it any schools of universities, you had to do it by yourself. Now, when the technology and ecosystem as a whole is spreading, universities feel the pressure to go along with this phenomenon. Until now – people learned about cryptocurrencies in seminars and summits, or youtube and the internet, but now it is being offered in universities.

Russia is not something unique in the way of offering studies about crypto in general. There has been a study that shows that half of the worlds top 50 universities already teach about blockchain. However, taking this study globally – almost 70% of all universities in the world, has at least one blockchain course.

Russia says they will educate lawyers exclusively, but many universities in the world already have been teaching their students, who might turn lawyers some day. Which approach is best?


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