EOS after 2nd of June. (If you didn’t register your EOS)

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So you just realized that you had some EOS and you just read an article that says that all your tokens of EOS after 2nd of June are more likely to be gone or frozen. Don’t go jumping off the bridge just yet as there might be a solution to this.

First you would need to understand where your tokens were located. If you had left them on an exchange, then you are in luck, because the exchange most likely will do the token swap for you, but you probably will miss out all the airdrops based on the genesis snapshot. But at least you will have your EOS and will have to do nothing.

On the other side, if you left your EOS tokens on MyEtherWallet, Exodus wallet or in a private ETH(Ethereum) wallet in general, then you will have to try to use “The Fallback Method”.

The Fallback method is described here: https://eosauthority.com/blog/how_to_generate_your_EOS_fallback_key_from_ethereum_private_key

In short, it is described in these 6 steps:

Step 1: Install Scatter. There is a Chrome extension and a Firefox addon.
Step 2: Open up the scatter browser extension.
Step 3: Setup a Scatter password, identify, etc.
Step 4: Once you have Scatter setup, use the key pairs options, choose ETH in the dropdown, paste ETH Private key
Step 5: Once you see your ETH Public key, just change the dropdown to EOS!
Step 6: All done, what you see on screen is the EOS Private key for your fallback key

How to view your private keys in Exodus wallet: https://support.exodus.io/article/86-how-can-i-view-my-private-keys

And now if it’s stored in your unregistered wallet and you used the fallback method to convert your ETH key to an EOS key then you’re also all set.

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https://goo.gl/USP2Xy – More on the fallback method