ANON will fork from Bitcoin and ZClassic today

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ANON will be a co-fork of the advanced ZClassic and Bitcoin technologies. Their main goal is to protect its users with anonymity. Since they want to stand out from the previous forks, they have set important factors which include staking through the use of masternodes, increased block size, and a transparent development process. They’ve committed to a consistent update sharing.

The fork will provide a 2:1 ratio of ANON to all ZClassic holders, and a 1:1 to all the Bitcoin holders.

The team is working on the listing on several exchanges.

“ANON intends to improve upon the way the crypto community utilizes privacy as well as reinvent the way “no coiners” view crypto. As effective communication is key to mass adoption, our marketing strategy aims to reach those not already involved in the cryptosphere,” says in their homepage.

There already is a fork of these two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Private (BTCP). ANON basically sounds just like BTCP, they will also use Bitcoins’ PoW algorithm, and ZClassics’ already tested zkSNARK privacy technology, which means that the payments are registered on the blockchain, but the sender, the receiver and other transactional metadata remain unidentified.

The only difference is that ANON will provide Staking through masternodes. They write: “The ability to effectively communicate is not a skill displayed by previous forks. We strongly believe that the community deserves a transparent forking process as well as exchange support, a cohesive team and a marketing strategy to gain attention from those who have yet to buy bitcoin.”

Good luck to the team of ANON, and hope their product can compete with others like BTCP.

What is you opinion? Should we need another BTC/ZCL fork?

Will the Masternodes make anything better?