The 20th International Business Networking event in Riga, Latvia.

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As we all know, business conferences are the key thing in making your business visible to others, making new partnerships and connections to similar business owners and to learn new things about the extensive business environment. 

What this event will offer?

Riga, with the help of IBNC (International Business Networking Consortium), this year, October 19th – 20th, is inviting all the business owners around the world to their 20th business conference to focus on Asian businesses hence, the main theme of the event is called: “Asian Business: The new challenges and opportunities”. 
It is a two-day conference and it will feature a wide range of Asian country officials with speeches about the upcoming stages of their domestic economic environments and how European countries, especially the Baltics, could use it for their benefit. For example, H.E. Mr. Badriddin Abidov Narutdinovich, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, will speak about the opportunities that the improvement of the national business and investment environment in Uzbekistan can provide. Mr. Peter Sachsenmeier from the International Innovation center in Germany and China will speak about the bridge between the Baltics and China, how the Baltic countries could be improving their fields of operation by exploring smart Specialization through innovation. Also, a few Latvian entrepreneurs will share their experience of doing business in Asian countries, specifically China and Vietnam. 

Why are we attending?

Since Best Coin Investments is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news portal focused on the news for investors and traders, we felt the need to cover this event, because it will include very essential topics in the business and investment environment. Ambassadors and Investment coordinators, innovation leaders and large company shareholders will get together and speak about the opportunities and innovations in the investment world. Since cryptocurrencies today are becoming very popular, the markets are stabilizing, and many countries will soon develop legit plans on how to regulate them worldwide, we expect that cryptocurrencies and blockchain could be taken into consideration as a new form of investment or at least – innovation. Many countries today are considering the blockchain use for governmental institutions and a lot of entrepreneurs are getting into the blockchain craze, building their companies and products on blockchain, discovering new horizons and areas where this technology could be implemented for evolvement. 

Considering the fact that this is the 20th conference that the IBNC is organizing, we couldn’t stay still and wanted to ask a few questions about their motivation on doing such events and their take on cryptocurrencies and whether they could be mentioned in the conference to one of the organizers Talivaldis Kreislers:

B: What motivates you to organize these conferences and how long have you been doing this?

T: As the explanatory dictionary defines – a conference is a gathering or meeting in which representatives of different professions, public servants, scientists, etc. discuss and resolve certain issues.
We do not do conferences. The only connection with the expression “conference” is just the fact that the major events of the IBC are held at the Citadele Conference Center.
We organize international business contact forums – business events involving 300 participants from 30 countries: company executives and owners, business development, marketing, export promotion and sales managers, investors and their representatives, industry experts, leading ministries, European and national Parliamentarians, heads of local governments and deputies, ambassadors from many countries and high-ranking diplomats and intellectuals.
The significance of the forum is valuable business experiences, new business ideas, and new international business contacts as well as investors.
IBC forums are useful for business development, promotion of export and sales in general. Through business contacts made in our forums, hundreds of companies have found new customers, business partners, and investors.
The IBC forum is held twice a year, and on October 19th, the 20th International Business Contact Forum will be held in Riga, dedicated to the new business challenges and opportunities of Asia.
In the above survey, you can see how many different business development opportunities are provided by the IBC forums. This is the reason why they are so popular and well visited. In addition, the IBC forums are cohesive, friendly and, to some extent, educational and entertaining events.
The time spent on the forum is valuable and also very enjoyable. IFF forums are The forums of opportunity. We receive a great deal of positive feedback, including members of national governments, embassies, and mayors.
All this makes us very satisfied and motivated for more than 10 years to go on with even greater enthusiasm, fervor, and self-efficacy, involving more and more new countries all over the world.

B: How do you look at the current crypto-revolution? Do you support this technology?

T: Nothing stands still in this world, everything evolves or revolves around the evolution of civilization. We only support what is needed in the world for its humanity and progress, and also for peace.
According to Oliver Bramwell, Chairman of the Norvik Bank Board, we are currently on the verge of a change where a centralized payment management model (cash flow, control, etc.) transforms into a decentralized relationship type model implemented by the society itself. With the needs and expectations of a man in the center, and the technological opportunities surrounding him.

B: Will the forum mention cryptocurrencies or blockchains, given that Japan’s economic development and the Singapore business environment will be discussed?

T: Yes, for certain, we will ask the presenters to touch upon this issue and briefly tell the participants about the development trends and forecasts in their respective countries. 
It is crucial for the business world to find out first hand and from the initial sources all the new possibilities for business efficiency. It’s very likely that we will even have a special presentation for this topic in the October forum. We are always open for cooperation with members of the cryptocurrency and blocking worlds.

B: What has been the response of previous events about cryptocurrency and blockchain, given that one of your main sponsors is the emerging cryptocurrency payment platform,

T: We are very pleased with this partnership and appreciate a lot the work of the team in Gagapay. Many members of the IBC Forum have preliminarily evaluated the benefits of new technologies. It is well known that they provide very efficient and inexpensive financial transactions, simplify user identification, prompt distribution of the database to other participants, track inventory, reduce cyber-attacks, reduce manual processing and paperwork, reduce risk of “internal” fraud, corruption and mitigation, as well as ease of access for the people involved and simplify control of their data. They tell us: “It is unbelievable. This is our future”.

B: Can we expect a cryptocurrency conference hosted by you in Riga in near future?

T: Yes, if we manage to attract appropriate supporters or a major advertiser, we would be happy to arrange a “cryptorium” in spring 2019 in Riga, with trade representatives from 50 countries. The issue will be resolved this summer.


Talivaldis emphasized the fact that this is not a conference, but a specific networking event. It is great to hear such good feedback and open-mindedness on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole from a very experienced entrepreneur with many connections around the world, and a man who has organized these events throughout the years. 
An interesting fact is that this networking event will mostly consist of Parliamentarians, heads of local governments and deputies, ambassadors from many countries and high-ranking diplomats and intellectuals so there will be a lot of useful information and contacts to be made. 
The event itself will be opened by the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, making it a high-class event which will gather important officials from the entire world to share their ideas. 
We at Best Coin Investments can’t wait for the opportunity to cover this event, bring a full visual recap and make new connections. We will be sharing the main happenings on Twitter, and do a video about how it all happened. Stay tuned for this event as it might reveal some innovations that we at the crypto ecosystem have been waiting for. 

For more information go to www.sfk.lvStarptautiskais Forumu Konsorcijs – SFK.