The International Business Networking Event in Riga!

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Today we are attending a business networking event organized by International Business Networking Consortium, in Riga, Latvia. This is their 20thevent they’re covering, so we are expecting planning at its finest and a thoughtful atmosphere for all the participants. 

The event will consist of high rank representatives and entrepreneurs presenting their speeches, so we are going to do a little breakdown of the agenda.

The opening of the Forum will begin at 11AM when the speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia will address the attendees with a greeting speech.

Next, Mr. Jagat Shah from India will take the stage and speak about the opportunities of trade and investments with Latvia.

Mr. Qiang Lan, the Shenzhen CEEEC and representative of Qiqiaoland Group from China will speak afterwords with his presentation on the acclaimed China’s fourth industrial revolution and what could the European Union be expecting in terms of economic development.

How to do business with Indonesia will be the theme of the next presentation by Ms. Sri Kumala Chandra, a representative of the EU – Indonesia Business Network.

A presentation from H.E. Mr. Badriddin Abidov, an Ambassador from the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan will take the stage next, speaking about the improvement of the national business and investment environment, and how they could bring new opportunities.

And just before the lunchtime, Mr. Andris Lubins will share his experience in conquering the Indian market. The upsides and downsides and what lessons he had learned from this opportunity.

Since this is a networking event, the time reserved for the actual networking is pretty long – 1,5 hours have been put in-between the presentations so that all the attendees can properly make new contacts and share their ideas.

After the lunch break, the first presentation will be about the bridge from China to Baltics and why businesses should explore smart specialization options through innovation, by Mr. Peter Sachsenmeier who is from the International Innovation Center in Germany and China.

After him, Ms. Lauma Edelmane, from Lenaris Translations, China, will share her ideas on how to do business in China. The ten steps towards success.

Another opportunity to hear a great experience story from Mr. Arturs Boss and Mr. Kristaps Strelis from Amber capital Holdings. They will share the goings with their business in Kazakhstan, and how they are preparing for their upcoming business trip to Vietnam.

Presentation about a family business in the middle east will be covered by Mr. Mohamad Almasri, Ismail Abudawood and Mr. Ahmed Salem from Abudawood Group in Saudi Arabia.

Then Mrs. Monika Kapil Mohta, the Ambassador of India for Sweden and Latvia will address a special speech to all the attendees in the event.

And the last presentation of today will be held by Mr. Antti Veranen, from Advenced Business Management Ltd. from China and Finland. He is going to end the day with an interesting speech about the three cultural groups in the world and how they are divided. He will state that it is easier to read into these groups that commonly thought, so he is going to break these stereotypes.

And with Antti’s speech the presentation panel will be over, and everyone will be invited to the afterparty which will take place on a ship! The ship will be located near the conference, in the river Daugava where all the participants will have a much more private atmosphere for networking, chatting and partying.

On the next day, in a different location – The Big Hall of Riga Technical University – the final event of the conference will take place. It will be a celebration of 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi ji, the Father of Nation of India. The event will be hosted by the Ambassador of India to Sweden and Latvia, Mrs Monika Kapil Mohta and it will consist of a few lectures, cultural programs, B2B events and of course the finest Indian delicatessen.

Let’s attend this event together and experience the best business networking event this year! Just imagine what information you could be learning and what great contacts you could be making, if you were part of this conference?