Vlad Zamfir claims to have successfully coded a proof-of-concept for ETH sharding issue

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During a hackathon in Berlin this weekend, Vlad Zamfir along with Tim Beiko and John Marlin have come up with a proof-of-concept for Ethereum sharding issue. Their written code is said to demonstrate how different the ETH shards may communicate over the blockchain. 

But however the code isn’t at it fullest stage of completion, but it has the simple fundamentals for it to be deployed over the ethereum blockchain.

“It’s really a proof-of-concept of the most core component in my sharding roadmap. It prevents the cross-shard atomicity failure, or more specifically, it prevents finalization of cross-shard atomicity failure, so it will never be that a ‘send’ is finalized and a ‘not received’ is finalized,” said Vlad Zamfir in an interview with CoinDesk.

Later he continued by saying that this proof-of-concept has “almost no significance” and it does not solve any problems What it’s missing includes a system for transaction fees and a way to route transactions and messages from one shard to another, “We have no real routing protocol,” he stated.

Basically it is a suggestion to the Ethereum code and by his interpretation, Zamfirs’ roadmap of implementing sharding would very much differ with the provided mainstream roadmap of Ethereum.

“I consider the core of sharding to be a cross-shard message or a cross-shard consistency problem. Vitalik thinks of it as sharding of availability, validity and execution of the state. I have a different perspective than Vitalik does of consensus protocols and therefore also sharding,” he said in the interview.

It’s clear that Ethereum devs are working their butts off, regards the recent FUD around ethereum not being useful.

What are your thoughts? Will sharding improve the use cases of ethereum?