Wikipedia gets shut down in almost all of Europe

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A day before the EP (European Parliament) vote on copyright directives, Wikimedia, a large non-profit movement, came out with an opposition and shut down wikipedia in almost all of Europe. 

“Our efforts in this public policy realm are all the more important in an era of increasing restrictions on free speech and free access to knowledge across the globe, which directly threaten the mission and vision of Wikimedia and its projects, such as Wikipedia” said the general counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation Eileen B. Hershenov continuing that “Next week, we expect the European Parliament to vote in plenary on whether to proceed with the version adopted by the Committee. If the Members of the European Parliament reject it, there will be another opportunity to fix much of the current proposal’s broken requirements. Now may be the last opportunity to improve the directive.”

A strong statement from Wikimedia Foundation leads to a united society. Much like the crypto-community. Blockchain and everything related with the technology, highlights the necessity of internet freedom, as most of the recent blockchain projects are focusing on getting rid of the middle man in every service. Some even refer to it as “Giving the power back to the people”, and then a rhetorical question arises – Whether protecting the rights of freedom for a single person could possibly encourage the limitations of another? Where do we draw the line?