Zap: A Lightning Network wallet for the community

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Recent tweets from Jack Millers, who is a collage drop-out, a hard working developer with strong intuition and obsessed with bitcoin, has developed a desktop app called Zap. 

First videos on how to use this app were published on August 2017, so I assume thats around the time when the app was built. 

But today, a few hours ago, he posted on twitter several posts on Zaps’ updates. For example, now there is a new feature called “Zap Connect” which allows your desktop node to accept incoming connections from other devices, like Zap iOS. Jack has made this so easy, that your desktop node will provide a simple QR code, which you can scan with your mobile app and you will immediately will be connected to your desktop wallet.

Also another great new feature is the “Zap LN iMessage widget”. When opening iMessage, on your keyboard features you will see a Zap icon option, with which you can create a LN (Lightning Network) invoice. You can text it to a recipient of yours and he can click it and pay it within seconds.

Jack has provided videos on how he connects his mobile to the desktop node and uses the mobile app, it looks really smooth and easy to look at. Just as he says on one of his last tweets on this thread: “Can’t even tell we’re using BTC”.

Also he adds that all this will be open source and free. 

It is great to see the Lightning Network evolving into easier customer interfaces and better to understand apps and features. This is a great achievement for bitcoin and the crypto-community in general. 


Jack Millers’ thread on Zaps updates:

Jack Millers’ CV website:

Demo walkthrough of Zaps’ desktop app: